Digital Signage

Create eye-catching digital displays to engage and inform your members!

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Two minute overview.

See what you could have at your YMCA. You don’t have to waste time and resources trying to figure out how to make this all work. I am here to guide the process of creating and launching a digital signage layout that is tailored specifically to your Y… as simple or as rich as you need it.

I Love the Y too!

Today, I produce and deploy digital signage and the occasional website for local YMCAs, but my love for the Y goes all the way back to my polliwog swim lessons in the 80’s.

Allow me to help bring your marketing into the digital age.  Engage your members, impress your Board of Directors, and reward your loyal supporters!

Easier than you think.

You tell me what features you want, and I make it happen.  It really is that easy!  OK, there are a few more steps, but I try to make it SEEM that easy.


I use Brightsign players to keep your display going and going.  Powerful players with a proven track-record of reliability.  Combine that with fantastic content and you’ve got a winning combination!

Custom Layout

I don’t think there’s a “one size fits all” when it comes to digital signage. Not only do we need to consider the colors and text style (Cachet bold all the way!) but the amount of time a member would reasonably be in front of the screen makes a big difference. A screen in front of the ellipticals can probably have more content since the members will have more time to absorb all the information being shown. A screen in a hallway or lobby might be better served with just ONE content source and simple messaging. Should your content mostly be coming from your staff?  Would your members love to see their Instagram posts on the big screen using a special #hashtag?

I’ve Got You Covered

Program Promotion

How many programs does your Y offer that members don’t even know about!?  Get them out there!

Social Engagement

Connect your display to social media that you are already using.  Fresh content, no extra effort!


The player automatically downloads your updates from the internet.  No restarts, no special attention required.  It just works!

Live in 3... 2...

Convert a regular TV in a workout room to ADD your own content onscreen along with your cable or satellite video.

Community Event Promotion

Promote upcoming community events with attractive graphics or video.

Easy Updates

Easily upload, schedule and manage content online with custom permissions.

Promote your Supporters

Give a little extra love to annual supporters with a place to advertise.

Always in Style

Maintain the look and feel of the Y Brand with the right colors, fonts, and imagery.

Working with Ben, we are absolutely always rewarded far beyond our expectations. In addition to his professionalism, his integrity is impeccable.

Shannon Seifert

CEO, Santa Maria Valley YMCA

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change?

Let’s Build this Thing Together!

More than anything, my goal is to serve you with creativity, determination and integrity.  If you’re ready to take your in-house marketing and promotion to the next level, give me a call, text, or email!

Ben Slocum: (805) 478-8405

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