Storytellers – Flex Performing Arts 2023


If you have already ordered your video it is now available to pick up at the Flex Performing Arts Studio at 1590 West Grand Avenue in Grover Beach. There are a limited number of videos still available that can be purchased here!

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Storytellers is an original ballet created by FLEX Performing Arts, written and directed by Brianna Deveraux-Allen and brought to life through the efforts of an incredible team of visionaries. Imogen is the daughter of a talented author. An author who, because of tragic life circumstances, is struggling to find her voice. Imogen, while dealing with her own heartbreak, wants to do whatever she can to help her mother rediscover her love of storytelling and her once prominent zest for life. Through her attempts Imogen discovers that she may have inherited her mother’s talent for storytelling. Inspired by an unlikely and peculiar cast of characters Imogen finds herself immersed in magical realms and inspirational tales. Can Imogen help inspire her mother to regain her voice as well as her heart, and maybe find her own voice in the meantime?