Digital Signage

Digital Signage, or DOOH (Digital Out of Home) Advertising includes all those screens you see in retail spaces, hotels, stadiums, and waiting rooms that are showing a looping video, or maybe news feeds social posts… the possibilities are endless! I have designed and implemented displays at YMCAs, hospitals, restaurants, and even a zip line adventure park.  I’ve got some ideas for wineries too, but that hasn’t happened just yet 🙂

Interactive Displays

There’s also such a thing as an interactive digital display.  With touchscreen technology or even just a wireless mouse you can interact with the information on your screen instead of just passively watching.  For Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation I updated an already installed screen with a touchscreen frame and designed an interactive presentation for anyone in the hospital to learn more about the Legacy Campaign.  Take a look at my son Noah “acting” like someone who just walked up to it.

For Pasadera Homes in Guadalupe, the folks in the Sales Office needed a way to easily and attractively share a lot of information with potential buyers.  They may need to see one of nearly 20 floor plans and elevation renderings, review paint options, or see the availability of a specific lot. Rather than fumble through several folders of printouts, a large monitor in the office gives them instant access to everything they need.  I updated it remotely as properties change status.

Let’s Get Started

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More than anything, my goal is to serve you with creativity, determination and integrity.  If you’re ready to take your marketing, advertising and promotion content to the next level, give me a call, text, or email!

Ben Slocum

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