I remember buying my first Canon SLR camera for a photography 101 class at Allan Hancock College.  Shooting with real film, and then developing and printing in a darkroom gave me a firm foundation in imaging, exposure and the tools of the trade.  Photography has always been something I love, and being able to share these skills with my customers is a joy!

You might have an event, and the photos are the final product like for the Golf ‘N Grub Tournament or Hoelle-Tompkin Sisterhood Society Luncheon events I shot for the Arroyo Grande Community Foundation.

There is so much overlap with the services I provide.  The photos I shoot might be needed for your website, video, or digital signage.  For Pasadera Homes in Guadalupe I have shot all their model homes and I used those photos for their website, online overview video, and interactive display in their design center.

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