A little history if you’re interested…

KCOY-TV 1999-2014
I started as a videotape editor for the News Department at KCOY-TV CBS 12 in Santa Maria in 1999 (a couple months before I graduated High School).  Putting my editing skills to work every day by editing dozens of videos for the newscasts gave me the efficiency I enjoy today.  I quickly moved into the commercial production department where I began writing, directing and shooting TV commercials for local clients.  If you had a commercial produced at KCOY between 2002 and March 2014, chances are I helped produce it. I worked with hundreds of businesses and organizations as well as outside ad agencies producing thousands of commercials within that time.  To work with such a variety of business owners was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to help advertise their businesses, but I learned how to work with a spectrum of personalities.

Adverb Marketing Group 2014-2018
One of the ad agencies I produced for at KCOY approached me about working directly for them.  In April 2014 I began working from home for Adverb Marketing Group.  Over the next 4 years, I wrote, shot and edited about 1,000 commercials for about a dozen clients, mostly car dealerships.  Not to mention print, online ads, and several websites.

On My Own
As of May 2018, I have been working directly with businesses and with many ad agencies to produce:

  • TV Commercials
  • Promotion videos
  • DVD/Blu-ray projects
  • Digital signage
  • Interactive Displays
  • Live video support
  • Websites
  • and more!

Thanks to the help and support of my wife Michelle and our kids we have all adjusted to the self-employed life!  It’s tough writing about what you have to offer without sounding braggy, but I will say this… with all these years of experience in production, I know what I’m doing.  My customers are happy and they keep coming back for more! 

Let’s Get Started

Today is the day!  Get in touch and let’s talk about YOUR next project.

More than anything, my goal is to serve you with creativity, determination and integrity.  If you’re ready to take your marketing, advertising and promotion content to the next level, give me a call, text, or email!

Ben Slocum

(805) 478-8405