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Your message.  Simple. Beautiful.

You have a message. No matter how you choose to share it, Ben Slocum Media can help. Whether you need the perfect video, website, or digital/interactive display, I will get it done. Your project is my project. I’ll make your success my goal, and I’ll do it with integrity, creativity, and determination.


In the last 19 years I have worked for KCOY-TV CBS 12 (1999-2014) and AdVerb Marketing Group (2014-2018) producing thousands of TV commercials, many websites, and countless digital graphics.  I’ve spent all this time honing my craft so when you call, ready to get your project done, I’m ready.   If you’re not familiar with any of my work, feel free to check out the AdVerb youtube page for the last 1,000 or so commercials I created for them (only up through 5/1/18), and the KCOY youtube page for even more.

Drop Me a Line

I know there’s not much on the site now, but if you already found my site, you probably have a reason to get in touch.  Right?